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About Us:
Inventrix Group is an experienced new product development consulting firm whose mission is providing high impact tactical solutions to new product development problems and building a reliable new product development system to meet your organizations profitable growth objectives.

We are a privately held company additionally specializing in new product inventions and product improvement inventions.  We develop concepts through the fully functional prototype and provisional patent stage.  We establish mutually beneficial relationships with companies focused on profitable growth through product development.  We accomplish technology transfer through licensing agreements, options, contracts and etc.
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About Robert Kreutzer:

Robert Kreutzer is a prolific product developer with many domestic and foreign patents.  He has led the R&D efforts of major corporations for over 20 years, successfully commercializing over 900 new products.  Robert is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Missouri.

  • Engineering executive, leader and strategist. Expert in new product development, commercialization and lean manufacturing.
  • Vice President at multi-million dollar companies with Fortune 50 clients, created cultures of creativity and innovation, streamlined processes and eliminated communication silos.
Career Roles Served:
  • Journeyman Tool & Die Maker
  • Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manager / Executive
  • Inventor / Marketer
  • Strategist & Developer of Leaders
Value Proposition:
  • Creating shareholder value by directing development, commercialization and manufacture of innovative new products.
  • Growing topline revenue through new product development, outsourcing and M&A, and bottom-line profits through material cost reduction and lean manufacturing.
  • Exploiting breakout growth opportunities, while creating positive business culture via organizational development, building team performance and individuals' interpersonal skills.
  • Multi-linguist of solution & innovation-driven business. Speaks fluent geek, marketer, designer, negotiator, trainer, salesperson and difficult client.
  • Unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges.
Samples of Results Achieved:
  • 100+ platform level new products successfully launched (awarded 20+ patents)
  • 23% annual organic growth maintained six years in a row by converting the organization's product development system into a offensive weapon in the marketplace
  • 50% reduction in NPD cycle time and 15% increase in on-time delivery (to 87%)
Core Competencies:
  • Product Innovation / Commercialization / Lean Manufacturing
  • Product Development Systems and Procedures Optimization
  • Product Line Mapping / Opportunity Development
  • Intellectual Property Strategy Development & Management
  • Leveraging Market / Product Opportunity
  • Strategic / Tactical Planning & Execution
  • M&A Technical Due Diligence
  • Complex Technical Project Management
  • Talent Pool / Team Optimization & Allocation
  • Multifunctional Collaboration & Leadership
  • Multi-site and International Management
  • Performance & Quality Improvement / Metrics
  • Budgeting and Resource Planning