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High Impact Tactical Solutions
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High Impact Tactical Solutions to New Product Development Problems
Project Rescue:

We can step-in and lead your most urgent, mission critical or troubled product development project, navigating a course for success; or

We can rapidly earn the trust and confidence of your current project manager / team and coach them for success.
Regaining Schedule:

Through tactical adjustments to the plan or its approach

By removing obstacles - quickly eliminating your greatest product development roadblock
  • Technical direction to avoid patent infringement
  • Policy and procedure negotiation
  • Difficult personnel, suppliers or customers
  • Organizational or operational barriers
Building and Enhancing your New Product Development Performance

We can use your most important project as a vehicle for:
  • Training a core team within your organization
  • Forming a nucleus of internal trainers
  • Leaving an agreed procedural infrastructure in our wake, tailored to fit the unique chemistry of your organization
We do not simply impose a "canned" methodology or attempt to sell you custom project software

Building a reliable New Product Development System to meet your organizations profitable growth objectives