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Consulting Services
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Assessing the Current State of Your Company's New Product Development System

In order to improve your company's existing new product development system:

We evaluate the current state of your new product development system against best practices and provide insight and recommendations on what will work best within your organization
  • We study and assess all aspects of your new product development system
  • New product development strategy
  • Inbound marketing information
  • Product portfolio management
  • New product development process, its structure, methods, metrics and organization
We objectively identify where your company is performing well, and where to concentrate in order to realize substantial improvement with the least time and effort

Improved On-Time Market Introductions

A lack of strong new product ideas are often caused by:
  • Absence of a new product development strategy
  • Lack of a portfolio management system aligned with your NPD strategy
  • Insufficient or unreliable input sources populating your NPD funnel
  • Inadequate process for sorting your NPD funnel and feeding your NPD pipeline
  • Incorrect allocation of resources to support your new product development goals
Solutions we provide:
  • Assessment of current systems
  • Gap analysis
  • Work with your team to create a disciplined system to address these problems
  • Guide construction of a tailored, robust solution that supports your new product development goals and financial objectives
Increasing New Product Revenue

Resource allocation across projects in your new product development portfolio is one of the most challenging responsibilities for your product development management team.   The predominant root cause of this is an insufficient or absent system for evaluating, comparing and prioritizing projects.  The void is then filled by ad hoc prioritization or the rise for favored pet-projects.  Another root cause is the lack of a system for evaluating and prioritizing resources, which usually leads to over-commitment of resources, under-performance against plans and inevitable project delays.

We work with your team to develop a portfolio management system that provides:
  • Multi-dimensional views across all your new product development projects
  • Easily generated alternative scenarios (real-time during steering committee meetings)
  • Snap-shots for assessing and comparing competing approaches
  • Balance on key characteristics such as strategy, risk, size of investment, etc.
  • Determination of a 3 to 5 year development plan that is easily modified annually in support of corporate strategic plan's directives
We then assist your team with:
  • Integration of the portfolio management system and your resource allocation process
  • Optimization of your resource pool and maximization of your staff's contribution to the enterprise
Portfolio Management and Resource Allocation

Imagine your sales force:
  • Believing project schedules and aggressively pre-selling new products
  • Having confidence in new product quality, pushing new products over existing ones
  • Engaging early in the development process and maneuvering to become the champion of specific new products
Imagine development schedules so short that:
  • You begin to contemplate whether or not patents are still necessary
  • Scope creep is virtually eliminated because shifts in technology during development are unlikely and market forces are still aligned with your product at the time of launch
We can show you how.

Technical Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

Improving Speed-to-Market

Common causes of delay:
  • Poor specification (definition) or no specification leading to scope creep
  • Roles and expectations not clearly established and agreed
  • Lack of accountability metrics
  • Resources spread too thin
  • Frequent reprioritization of projects
  • Inadequate checkpoints (gates)
  • Mismanagement of project risks
  • Inability to anticipate problems and failure to have ready backup plans
Solutions we provide:
  • Execution, working alongside your team to ensure that you get your products to market on time, in budget, at cogs and to specification
  • A tailored new product development system (or adjust your current one) cross-functionally integrating it into the fabric of your organization
  • Agreed upon procedures and tools to reduce cycle time and get your products to market faster
  • Deployment of our extensive process improvement experience and a broad menu of lean product development methods
  • Leadership and team development
IP attorneys are typically excellent tacticians, but generally poor strategists. 

Solutions we provide include:
  • Teaching internal personnel to optimize use of I/P attorneys
  • Determining which blend of I/P strategies to pursue
  • Navigating the landscape of competitive intellectual property, especially patents
  • Guiding product development technical and aesthetic direction to avoid infringement issues (this, with fianal agreement of your attorney)
Intellectual Property Strategy and Tactics
Your NPD strategy is the primary source for providing direction for your functional departments and your cross-functional new product development teams.

We provide a beneficial construct for team based strategic planning.

We help develop and align your organization's strategies for:
  • Innovation
  • Products
  • Markets
  • Technology platforms
  • Intellectual Property
We help you convert these strategies into a few key moves and resultant broad action plans that provide direction for your organization

We will work with your team to develop the desired future state for your new product development system.  Next, we can help you to fully implement a system that meets this current need, yet is scalable for as your company grows.

New Product Development Strategy Improvement

Determining the Desired Future State of Your Company's New Product Development System

Often due diligence teams concentrate most on the financial aspects of a deal.  We can help you objectively assess:
  • If that "hockey stick" shaped inflection in projected future growth is real or a piece of well-written fiction
  • Future viability for the target's technology platform
  • Intellectual property strength and identification of its attendant strategy (if any)
  • Product and working capital quality
New Product Development Tools and Skills
For each phase in the development process, we have expertise in a broad range of tools that may be deployed.  The key is in knowing which ones are necessary and will generate the biggest "bang for your buck".  Most consultants offer a software package or another "canned" approach that is touted as customized to your company's needs.  Conversely, we will direct you to the best tools available world-wide, without limiting the selection to an internal profit center.

While we can teach leadership and project management skills, we do not offer training programs.  We can assess you current teams, diagnosis illnesses and recommend training programs offered by well-known educators that we know produce excellent results.

When companies realize a need to make corrections to promote a culture of creativity and innovation, most often it is assumed that the root of the problem rests in the personnel.  This is rarely the case.  Let us help you to succeed through:
  • An organizational structure that supports your new product development process.
  • Adjustments to how your organization's leaders engage personnel, by teaching them to rigorously follow a few key precepts,  For example:
        None of us is smarter than all of us
        Leadership goes to the person meeting the needs of the group at the moment
        Every idea is a good one for at least ____ (amount of time)
        When at all possible, do not discourage enthusiasm
  • Teaching key members of your staff to become experts in several brainstorming techniques
  • Convincing your organization to broaden the opening of your product development funnel to include multiple external sources of creative input
Creating a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Building a Reliable New Product Development System