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Inventor's Toolbox:
Methods to generate breakthrough product inventions:

Opportunistic Inventing through personal awareness:
        Daily irritations - Channel your frustrations
        Wherever repetition exists
        Anytime you catch yourself saying "Somebody outta…" or "Why don't they…"
        The root cause of why you are waiting for something
        Wherever you find energy losses
        When you notice wasted resources (inefficiencies)
        When faced with a challenging problem
        Enabling non-consumption
        What are the jobs our customers want to get done?

Inventing to Schedule:
     Brainstorming Techniques (34 distinctive methods)
     Attend tradeshows at the fringes of your business
     Combining elements
          Matrix - same list of products, features or attributes on X & Y axis
          Matrix - technology on one axis and products on the other one
     View diagrams of patents on www.uspto.gov classified in adjacent industries